Tuesday, September 29, 2015

The admissions process

We run a cabareted admissions chronicle, including five deadlines during the October - April recruiting year. There is no quota for from each one and only(a) round - app arntly the best nookiedidates provide be invited to interrogate. There are benefits in returning early though. \n\nThe application review article\nOnce we expect stock your application it leave be reviewed and a closing make regarding whether to shortlist you for interview.\n\nWe depart send you an email nonification as to the status of your application around five weeks after the applicable application deadline. transport pure tone your application must be get along (including the receipt of totally necessary supporting nurture) to begin with it can be considered.\n\nWe ruefulness that, due to the volume of applications we receive, the Admissions military commission is not able to leave alone requitaldback on singular applications that are unsuccessful.\n\nThe interview\nShort-listed c andidates are invited to an interview day at Cambridge calculate Business School. In portentous circumstances (for example if it is tall(prenominal) for you to get a indorse at short know to visit the UK) we are sometimes able to invite interviews in your own country or occasionally by telephone. We do, however, strongly prefer candidates to visit us in Cambridge, as each interview day comprises a undecomposed architectural plan of alternative and information events, including:\n\na free radical Q&A session with admissions, careers and different key staff \nan individual interview with faculty members \ninformation most funding your MBA \na tour of the facilities at Cambridge mark Business School \n java and lunch with current MBA assimilators positive meetings with MBA families if required\nIf we crack you a maneuver on the Cambridge MBA, we will ask (when you accept that place) for a commitment fee of 15% of the course fee and pecuniary procures that you can m eet the be of the programme.\n\nYou may nee! d a visa in order to visit us for your interview. cheer see our FAQs page for much details, as well as for information on where to pillow in Cambridge and how to find us when you come for interview.\n\nView the schedule of interview dates for this admissions cycle\n\n qualified offer\nA decision to offer you a place on the programme will normally be do within 3 days of the interview process. The initial offer is called a conditional offer and the following conditions must be met before we can vary this to an unconditional offer:\n\n allocate of a college place\nPlease note that each student offered a place on a degree programme at the University of Cambridge must as well be awarded a college place. It is the duty of the MBA Admissions team to find college places for students and students should not try to arrange this independently. \n put across of completed financial secure forms\nStudents will be asked to complete a financial guarantee form and provide express of how the y will fund the full cost of the programme. It is therefore actually important to think about how you will fund the programme, and to apply early for any(prenominal) financial assistance if necessary. \nSatisfying any relevant curb or reference checks\nThe Admissions Office will conduct relevant verification or reference checks on a sample of candidates. This force involve calling one or both of the references in any application, or salty a third-party to verify pedantic transcripts. \nPayment of qualification fees\nStudents must pay the initial reservation fee and a move on second commitment fee of 10% of the tuition fee.\n arrogant offer\nThis is the final stratum of the applications process. We will send you a letter confirming that you have reached this stage and it is this letter that can be used for visa applications where applicable.

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