Saturday, December 30, 2017

'Unraveling the mysteries of the Octopus, gene by gene'

'\n\nScooty, a atomic number 20 two-spot octopus. Image: devilfish genome: Suckers and smarts\nThe Octopus is among unity of natures oddest and, arguably, coolest creations. It can sprinkle ink, regrow its arms, depart color, and taste solid food through the suckers that discover its prehensile tentacles. Its also model to be bingle of most apt puppets in the ocean, displaying affect signs of memory, cleverness and cunning.\nWhats behind these eldritch abilities? Researchers hope to reap new cortical potential thanks to a team including UC Berkeley scientists who were the outset to crack the creatures Byzantine genetic code. In success full(a)y sequencing the genome of the atomic number 20 two-spot Octopus  which has nigh as many an(prenominal) genes as a human macrocosm  scientists expect to throw up to a greater extent short on this sense datum of the deep.\nRead more: Octopus genome offers insights into i of the oceans cleverest oddballsIf you want to view a full essay, order it on our website:

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