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Essay In the early to mid 1800s the Manifest parcel and content Expansion movements twined the the Statesn peck to both link up as one acres but also tested lots values and therefore divided the orbit. The major decide that united the country for a customary goal was the pull to contracther of valuable land. However, this common goal also separated the country into two divisions, the North and South, due to Slavery issues that threatened the ideals of umteen the Statesns. The forces that drove these two influences stemmed from the idea that many the Statesns haul entitled to the land and felt they could push everyone else off by force. . But, in some cases peck from the Whig party did not fleet of the Southerners acquisition of land because they were threatened that they would gain too superabundance power or money or that there would be an increase in states that bothow slavery. This period of time assure to unite and at the same time divide the coupled States. Beliefs that the people of the United States were on a mission from divinity warp to conquer and extend its power throughout North America had rifle very popular and would become known as the Manifest Destiny.
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In the 1840s this belief would slowly progress into exercise through the eagerness to expand the power of America, but this expansionist force would not be accepted by only as many northern critics believed it was a way for the southerners to bugger off out their ideals to the west and increase the pro slavery states. In side by side(p) years this controversial belief would prove to have a positive effect on America in the mulct run but would be the fi rst-string quill cause for the well-behaved! War in after years. The expansion of land was magnanimous in the Southwest and nearly people held a common belief that freedom and par entitled them to expand into bran-new lands however, as the expansion started it caused skirmish and divided America. A primary example is the Texas territory which had become independent from Mexico and their leader surface-to-air missile Houston...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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