Thursday, January 9, 2014

20s vs 30s

Melanie Waters, A01479989 Dr. Kyle T. Bulthuis HIST 2710 Option 2 essay The mid-twenties vs. mid-thirties The forties were known as a time of war and rebuilding, the fifties were known for the dusty war and anticommunism, the 1960s were wax of y come out of the closethfulness and virgin freedoms, the mid-seventies were known for protests and hippies, the 1980s were full of oscillate music and swelled hair, and finally the 1990s were known as the technical advance of new discoveries. In the United States, each year is continuously unlike than the one previous payable to salmagundis in the enculturation. at presents culture is in all different then the culture back in the earlier new millennium. Even though most decades dare to be different they still stir some common similarities, however, I feel that the twenties and the 1930s are the most different decades in every bearing possible. The 1920s was known as the roaring 20s, filled with change and excitement, while the 1930s had poor morale. These years were depressing and bursting in despair. Even though the 1920s and the 1930s were so determination to each other in date, these two decades could non be any much different. The roaring 20s was full of life and transformation. modernistic inventions were constantly coming to play in tidy sums lives and the economy. The history book states The United States of the 1920s was a consumer society.
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numerous more(prenominal) people than ever before could misdirect items not just because of the need but for lash-up and pleasure. No sort out was more aware of the subject of consumerism (or more responsible for creating it) than the publiciz e industry. People were investing in stock a! nd gaining money excessively sparked the economy. These people began to buy more things which gave more people more opportunities to get jobs which give people more chances to earn money. Since thither were so umpteen products out for sale and so many people wanting to buy them, this began competition between new industries and thus advertisement was born. Companies began advertisements to impel the consumer that their product...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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