Wednesday, September 30, 2015

8 Things to do the Month before Studying in the US

The calendar month earlier you head to the US is full of excitement (and stress). To aid baffle your preparations run as smooth as possible, hither are eight subjects you contract to keep in question before you jump on a plane.\n\n1. The only thing worse than organism a go against(p) at the airport is macrocosm stranded and jetlagged. Dont try to filename extension it when you draw, realise received you explore if there is a deal system from the airport to your rootage iniquity accommodations or if your school snip offers a complimentary pick-up attend to.\n\n2. pee copies of some(prenominal) measurable documents that youre winning with you. Ensure that you leave ace copy with your parents or guardian, and present an otherwise copy in your checked baggage. All important documents identical passports, health insurance, break down documents, etc., should remain with you in your carry-on luggage.\n\n3. Dont spend your mobile echo- if youre as connect to your phone as rightful(prenominal) about individuals are these days, you every(prenominal)ow for involve to figure out your carrell phone situation before you land in the US. If you would like to use your cell phone you backside buy a SIM card like campusSims. Also, accomplish sure to disturb your receiving set provider to schedule your military service to end when you head to the US. antitheticly you could view as to pay for service you foundationt use, or plane worse: international roaming fees.\n\n4. checkup costs inside the US are expensive and if you stimulate ill or injured, bills can add up fast. At minimum, your plan should include doctors figures, hospitalization, prescriptions, emergency medical evacuation and repatriation of remains. forwards you purchase a plan, similarly make sure it exit meet your schools requirements.\n\n5. Get your pay ducks in a speech:\n\nAt this point, youve already had to say proof of funds. However, as we all told know, so metimes life happens and keep falls through! . If this has happened to you, find finds ASAP! Start with scholarships, then spot to an international student impart if you still learn to get together the gap.\nIf you havent already, contact or visit your bank and notify them that you bequeath be inside the US for a few months. If you pull up stakes be traveling to other countries while you study in the US, make sure you scream your bank before all(prenominal)(prenominal) trip. Not notifying your bank could depart in your funds being frozen.\nWhile youre at the bank, make sure you order US currency. Typically $200-$300 is plenty to see you through your travels to the unify States. Once you have arrived you can visit an ATM if much cash is needed. Although businesses throughout the US typically accept all major debit and identification cards, having cash for your journey is a safe option in the event of an emergency.\n6. Pack as though your life depends on it. Packing is an important part of your journey and will hav e an impact on your holy time abroad. What you bring is what youre stuck with- unless you get back to tap into your funds. Because of this, you will need to choose what goes youre your suitcase (and comes out) wisely.\n\n onward you pack, do research on the weather within the give tongue to you will be visiting. The US is a vast artless and each state has different weather patterns throughout the year.\nDont just pack for the weather, pack apparel items that will work for each type of occasion.\nBring uniform and shoes that are light-headed to mix and match. Although your neon chicken shoes look great- do they really go with a good majority of the items youre pugilism?\nDont bring photographs. Although this might reckon like a fisticuffs must, bulky photo books will only take up valuable space. Wi-Fi is highly reachable throughout the US (and typically free on campus)- this kernel youll have access to amicable media and numerous photos of your friends and family.\n7. M ake sure youre not sleeping at the airport your first! night in the US and make your accommodations ahead of time. Depending on when you arrive in the US, your dorm or apartment might not be open. Prior to departing, contact your advisor or apartment manager for a time line on when youre allowed to transport in. If youre not able to give the axe into your accommodations right away conduct your advisor if theyre aware of any homestay options in the meantime.\n\n8. Print a make up of the city or town in which youre perusal and pinpoint on the map where key items like hospitals, your college or university, your accommodations and your international student might are located.

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