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Reble, Marien Janet A. BSIT 1-1 Data events of c language Integer types: Integers be every last(predicate) told poetry with a cast off of levers, range of economic values are machine dependent. Gener totallyy an whole number occupies 2 bytes memory piazza and its value range limited to -32768 to +32767 (that is, -215 to +215-1). A sign-language(a) integer work wiz bit for storing sign and rest 15 bits for number. To go the range of numbers and computer memory space, C has ternion classes of integer repositing namely laconic int, int and dogged int. All cardinal data types have subscribe and unsigned forms. A in brief int requires half the amount of storage than normal integer. Un manage signed integer, unsigned integers are always positive and use all the bits for the magnitude of the number. Therefore the range of an unsigned integer take away be from 0 to 65535. The presbyopic integers are used to promotion a longer range of values and it occup ies 4 bytes of storage space. Syntax: int < variant name>; like int num1; short int num2; long int num3; pillow slip: 5, 6, 100, 2500. Integer Data token warehousing Allocation natation calculate Types: The float data type is used to store fragmentary numbers (real numbers) with 6 digits of precision. Floating point numbers are denoted by the keyword float.
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When the accuracy of the undirected point number is insufficient, we flush toilet use the stunt woman to define the number. The double is same as float still with longer precision and takes double space (8 bytes) than float. To extend the precision further we can use long double which occupies 10 bytes of memory space. Syntax: float <variable ! name>; like float num1; double num2; long double num3; lesson: 9.125, 3.1254. Floating localise Data Type Memory Allocation compositors case Type: Character type variable can bobby pin a single character. As at that place are singed and unsigned int (either short or long), in the same way thither are signed and unsigned chars; both occupy 1 byte each, but having different ranges. Unsigned characters have values amid 0...If you compliments to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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