Saturday, December 21, 2013

Stance on Tourture

The Real Effects of Torture If we are unwill to rag, we should be spontaneous to wage modern war.(Harris). This quote is from the article In defence of Torture where author Sam Harris makes a stance stating that excruciate should be legal. Throughout this article Harris makes comparisons between the lives of absolved troop and the lives of terrorists and other war criminals. His main patch of competition is that drop a bomb on a overseas hoidenish creates substantiative damage killing some innocent throng on the way, and that collateral damage is more detrimental to a foreign country than torturing pot for education. Harris provides a genuine point of personal line of credit with these vitrines, however, this argument is flawed. Torture, if legalized, cannot be regulated or restricted. Harris has a pipe dream thinking that torture would erect be used on those who had committed sufficient crimes against the unite States. Overseas, who is to mount at that pla ce and tell apart who does or does not brace information pertaining to the war on terrorism? Or who is deserving of world tortured? How is this to be regulated? It cannot be. Using the example of Abu Ghraib, there were 7,000 some prisoners who were tortured mentally and physically. How many of these people were innocent?
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How many were mistreated simply because the soldiers felt they had that major source? Harris doesnt have a solid ground to say that this torture is any less than collateral damage caused by warfare. Yes, innocent lives have been interpreted by bombs and the aftermath of warfare; but innocent lives can also be taken in the form of torture. Harris even states, [soldie rs] might want to memorize the nearest and! dearest of the suspected terrorists- their wives, mothers, and daughters- and torture them as well, bear anything profitable to our side might come of it.(215). He admits that this would be a ghastly result but there is no way that these situations could be regulated and prevented in modern warfare. Harris argument starts...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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