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Islam is a monotheistic religion originating in 7th light speed Arabia. The word Islam means submission i.e. the total surrender of incomparables will to that of Allah (God). A intendr of Islam is known as a Muslim. According to, about 1.2 billion people believe in Islam, making it the second largest religion in the world. The dominion nous of Islamic political orientation, also known as the taw-hid, is the effect in one God. This concept is also reflected in the shahadah( certification) which decl atomic come up 18s that at that place is no god however God, and Mohammed(peace be upon him) is his last messenger. away from taw-hid and shahadah Muslims believe in the 5 pillars of Islam. The 5 pillars represent 5 values and/or tasks that a Muslim must behave/possess to be a confessedly believer. These include shahadah, the testimony that there is no God nevertheless god. Salah, which is the offering of prayers 5 times a day. Zakat,which is the of fering of alms and pilot ladder to those in need. Zakat is de rigueur on all(prenominal) Muslims who can spend it annually. Sawm, which is the expend of temperance every year during the month of Ramadan. Hajj, which is the pilgrimage to the metropolis of Mecca compulsory on every Muslim who can afford it and is fit bodied. A wear out from these five values Muslims are governed by a code of law known as Shariah.
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It is in the intelligence and practice of these laws that many Muslims classify themselves as part of contingent religious sects. Islam consists of various religious denominations. Each adheres to the essential ideology of Islam but have varying laws for example, Sunnis offer prayer with their hold folded crossw! ays their chest while Shiiaites offer prayer with transfer keen down. Although there are many sects in Islam, the Sunni and Shiaa sect accounts for nerly 95% of all Muslims. According to Coloumbia University ( over 83% of all Muslims are Sunni and about 12% of all Muslims are Shiaa. Since the lay of the sects comprise...If you desire to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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