Thursday, December 26, 2013


These hard dates What motivates one to approach life as he or she does in the ages of adversity ? Human beings allow been finished and th gravelly rough time. We have seen our economies fall, genocides occur, and wars tear apart the world. devolve us utterly devastated. We have seen the worse times. But what motivates us to continue on through these times? We ar a smart race, and when a challenge is put in bird-scargonr of us we cypher to the positives. We look to what remains to be our happiness. In every rough time we look to our family, our friends, and god. When we go through rough times we look towards 3 things our family friends and god. One of the somewhat strategic things that I look to first is my family. Family is always in that status for you, no matter what you go through they are on that point to support you when ever you face a problem. For example when I was in elementary school I had a toque and so many students made fun of me and t he fact that I had a turban I used to come base of operations and be upset one day I started to address and my mammy asked me whats wrong I told her that I kept acquiring bullied by all the kids at school. She told me to not sell about what anyone else thinking or said because its your body and you can do what ever you would like with it.
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People still have to film you for who you are and what your choices are. After my mom explained how I shouldnt care about what anyone else thought I realized that what she said is true(a) and until immediately I remember that conversation she had with me about that topic. At this time in my life I looked to family at a time for adversity. They al ways manage to help, and make you feel bette! r. This thinker of having psyche to lean on at all times authentically helps through stressful times. The second thing I look towards is my friends and not to just any friends I remember my crush friends, muckle I know that will be there for me because when it comes down to it im going to do the same for them, these people are like your second family they know...If you want to get a mount essay, order it on our website:

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